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Hello everyone.
Here we are, it’s time to start this great adventure.

Who thought it would become reality so quickly!!

Few years ago we were busy complaining about how the producers spent tens of thousands of euros to sell their products in volumes instead of making the products so perfect that they become irresistible. We have all bought at least one printer where we had to do hardware and/or software modifications to print a product with an acceptable quality. Wobble, Ghosting, Stringing are just some of the most common problems. Buying a new full-metal hot-end, new drivers for a quieter handling, a new extruder, new bearings that would not get damaged after a few printing cycles, and the list goes on. The bottom is that you ended up spending 2 or 3 times more than the cost of the printer you initially purchased.
Who would have thought that the sketch made on the napkin of a pub, dirty with ketchup, would become a finished and working product …
From the beginning we said that we could not start the campaign with a product that was not already finished; we ourselves have been “victims” of those projects with spectacular renderings that after years still do not see the light. Ask the community to support the beginning of this adventure, without being able to give them something real would not have been acceptable. That’s why, in these years, we have worked hard, without stopping and sparing us nothing. We financed the development because we were not willing to risk, why should the community have to do it?
The AToS was born to respond to all these things, as a springboard for an egg-producing way of printers. We worked hard to develop a printer that is self-selling and doesn’t require marketing tactics. We have developed our components to fill the gaps of the trade products, listening to the criticism of the community; working day and night so that they were functional and not just beautiful to look at. The AToS is born to be the faithful companion of every technician and engineer, who do not let themselves be dazzled by large and useless printing volumes and who need to print more and more technical materials, but leaving the possibility to create prototypes at low cost, using less materials noble like the PLA. The maker, therefore, finds strength in it; he will be able to carry out his every idea without problems.
We have tried to reduce the space so that it finds space next to the normal inkjet printers, managing to get the best space: the printing area of ​​the other printers with the same price range. Thanks to the use of lightweight materials, the printer is easy to install and move. In specific, we focused on reducing the weight of moving components to minimize inertial effects without compromising on the mechanical characteristics.

We have done our best, we already love it … You will love it even more than we do.

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