Power, without compromise.

Shirextruder ® is made of aluminum, this component is one of the vital points of the printer. We wanted to make it as small and powerful as possible. It is a complete product with no need for adapters, because its design fits perfectly with that of NEMA 17 and allows you to print all the materials you need*.

Its anodized surface allows the components to flow without seizures, and this has allowed us to make a product that does not require lubrification.

Thanks to its compact dimensions (42x42x16, 5 mm) it is possible to use it in both Bowden and direct mode, although the maximum potential is expressed in Bowden mode.

Product is entirely made in Italy, with the best materials and components available on the market, to guarantee the highest quality of the finished product with genuine Italian touch.


In the Sxhirextruder box you will find:

• Anodized Wire Pusher

• spline Bearing

• knurled Gear

• Screws required for mounting

• Quick sockets for bowden tube**

What are you waiting for? Order your Shirextruder ® today!

Simply unique.

The product is covered by our special guarantee, to help you solve problems at any time, as quickly as possible.

The printed support is available, free of charge, depending on your printer.

We can print a customized support, contact us during the purchase!

Tested for more than 2000 hours total, Shirextruder ® has never given signs of failure, but above all it has never lost steps, neither in optimal conditions nor when it was pushed to the limits, touching print speeds of 180-190mm/S.

* tested with different materials: PLA, ABS, wood, carbon-loaded, glass-loaded, conductive, PETG. Being tested for flexible materials.

** air intake suitable for tubes with external diameter 4mm. M5 thread.

Available only in black and for filaments from 1.75.

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Stainless Steel, Total Black


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