The development of AToS 3D printer considered the requirements of our clients who were in the search of a robust printer that guarantees good quality and process repeat-ability across the builds at relatively low price. It is an FDM system designed and carefully crafted by a group of technical experts and hobbyists for the people who don’t like to compromise.

In AToS, we focused primarily on functionality, and that is why our prints will always have perfect dimensions, thanks to the innovative engine system*1

AToS requires a very short post-processing time, thanks to the innovative MH2 hotend with double nozzle, which enables to use water soluble support materials

AToS is suitable to print in two colors, giving you extra freedom to unleash your imagination.

The linear handling system guarantees quality and precision even after hundreds of printing hours, without the need to change components due to wear and tear.

The large touch display allows you to have all the information always under control, and its intuitive menu will always make you find the right setting at the right time!

The revolutionary body of AToS allows you to have the axes always aligned, avoiding the need to use calibration systems 😉

AToS is equipped with a heated top that can reach temperatures above 110 °, in order to print even the most performing materials.

Precise, fast, versatile.



Abstract To Solid



Overll Dimension (mm) 260(W) x 290(D) x 420(H)
Build Area (mm) 135(W) x 134(D) x 126(H)
Layer Resolution (mm) 0.08 to 0.3 (with 0.4mm nozzle)
XY Motion Servo Motors H-BOTXY
XY Servo Precision 0.03°
Axis 5 Linear Guide*
Speed Up to 100mm/s**
Heated Bed Up to 120°
HotEnd Single HotEnd Dual Filament***
Connetivity USB
Filament 1.75mm – All Filament on the market****
Display Full Color 2.4” TFT
SD Card Slot-in on printer’s front
Electronics MKS 8bit w/TMC 2208 (Z, E0, E1)
*1 on X, 2 on Y and Z
**According with filament’s max speed
***High Precision’s HotEnd with custom cooling 10mm thick fan
****Up to 280° and nozzle’s requirements between 0.4mm and 1mm

*1 To be able to read temperatures above 280 °, it is necessary to obtain a “PT100” type sensor. Not all control cards support this sensor, so can be necessary a signal amplification board. (Sold separately)


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